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Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Easely turn dirty, high traffic public touch points into continuously self-cleaning areas.

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Non-toxic defense layer

99% effective against bacteria and viruses

Molecular nano tech coating

Up to 1500 grips, touches or holds

Make your customers feel safe

Increase recurrency, loyalty and customer satisfaction by using the Sanisurface® Self-Cleaning Surfaces. Mostly indicated for:

•  Local stores
•  Facility services
•  Healthcare
•  Schools
•  Travel & Hospitality

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Most used cases scenarios:

Door Push Pad

Key Pad

Toilet / Urinal Handle

Custom size

Get yours Sanisurface®

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Sanisurface® is offered in pre-cutted sizes for specific uses or a 12”x12” cut your own size pack.  (we currently have stock available for the options below)


How does the technology behind SaniSurface® work?

Disease-causing-Germs are broadly classified as Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi. These pathogens or microbes either mutate and become drug-resistant or new types break out, precipitating global pandemics. Hygienic lifestyle is the most important factor in infection-prevention measures. Adoption of products and practices that enhance personal protection is an essential element of the new safety protocol.

This finds more relevance in recent times, as global pandemics wreak havoc, warranting strict hygiene regimes. Leveraging our unique, robust suite of long-lasting antimicrobial, hybrid filtration and substrate technologies, we created SaniSurface® Stickers. Our developer has pioneered engineering innovation, to create a wide range of infection-controlling and disease prevention consumer products and solutions. All SaniSurface® products harness the excellent Antimicrobial efficacy of Rambo Guard TM – Revolutionary Antimicrobial Bonding. This nanotechnology (controlling matter on the atomic and molecular scale) is molecularly infused (creates a bond) onto the surface of the substrate (sticker). It generates an invisible cross link effect (a chemical bond between different chains of atoms in a polymer or other complex molecule) that traps the pathogens and kills them physically.

What´s the difference between The Sanisurface® vs Competitors?

The Sanisurface® molecular nano tech is the result of intensive research and tests.

The technology creates a robust positively-charged antimicrobial layer on SaniSurface® products that constantly destroys both the lipid bilayer and the negative components of COVID-19.

Our competitors use one of the following technologies for a pseudo self-cleaning surface:

Nano-Titanium Dioxide: needs direct sunlight to work properly and presents a bio-hazard risk;Silver as antimicrobial: approval repealed by EPA, as it was considered hazardous;

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